Sans serif fonts are legible. It is easy to distinguish one letter from another because of their basic and uniform design. It lets audiences read text without effort. Legibility is important in Swiss design, which aimed for objective clarity and preferred sans serifs to the more decorative serifed typefaces.

Helvetica, a sans serif, is commonly used for headlines, brand identities, signage and computer screen text. Helvetica is legible due to its smooth, equal strokes and that it is neutral and well-defined.

principle #3:


Legibility Image 1

What is legibility?

Legibility Image 2

A sentence in Helvetica. Each letter and word is clear and understandable.

Legibility Image 3

The same sentence in Künstler script. Notice that it is hard to distinguish some letters from one another. The tilted, connected letterforms make it not as legible as Helvetica.

Legibility Image 4

Compare the two. Which is easier to read?